Werewolfs’ – Sobering Up The Wolfman

Werewolfs - Sobering Up The Wolfman$8.00
CD in plastic jewel case. Price includes shipping! (CDMC-20)
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Okay, so Werewolfs’ put out a record called Sobering Up The Wolfman. They’re a super group of sorts but let’s not get bogged down with that. Basically, this record grabs you by the apricots (or taco if that be the case), gives the region a squeeze, and does not let go. I first heard the record months ago and it’s grip is as tight as ever. After the initial discomfort passes and the adrenaline kicks in, it actually starts to feel good. One could describe it musically as mathy, spastic, noisy, or even avant garde. You could use a book of words to describe the nuanced pops and squeals of feedback. Jim Miller just calls it grunge. Meh, he’s probably right.


  1. M(urder)cHenry
  2. Walk The Plink
  3. Midnight On The Corner Of Guilt And Harassment
  4. Womb Like
  5. These Pills Don’t Fucking Work
  6. Linda Stole My Methadone
  7. Shame Based Man
  8. No Expiration
  9. Own The Boy
  10. I Am The Whalerus
  11. King Of The Jews