Vicelords – I Christen Thee Vicelords

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What started as M. Daka’s vanity solo project morphed into “Todd Pot and the Brokedowns” for a while before Jonny from Vacation Bible School and our boy DJ stepped in to make things louder and faster. Fast, heavy and melodic. Kind of like grunge punk. They’re grunge. Vicelords are grunge.


  1. Gnats Between Our Teeth
  2. Through The Blackened Eyes Of Reginald Denny
  3. You Look Fat In That
  4. Blubber
  5. Box Cutter Rebellion (“Capture The Flag”)
  6. Swimming Lessons
  7. When Zombies Fall In Love
  8. Chinese Finger Trap
  9. Dana Plato
  10. Tiny Pussy Tears
  11. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs


Tony Martin, Indie Rock Reviews:

Opener “Gnats Between Our Teeth” is the best song I have heard in years, and there isn’t a song that even touches the shit fit of balls out punk rock that this song packs into its one minute and twenty four seconds. The next two tracks, “Through the Blackened Eyes of Reginald Denny” and “You Look Fat in That” ripped through my car speakers and had me so blown away I had to play them both again before I could even move on. The bass heavy melodies and off the wall drum beats drive all these songs like Husker Du’s “Land Speed Record” and Big Black’s “Atomizer”, two of my all time favorite records. (Read Here)