The Muzzler – Common Sense

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The Muzzler’s debut full-length, Common Sense is a thrash-core record in every respect: Direct, fast, loud, and unforgiving. But while each song on Common Sense fits the thrash-core mold, the Chicago based three-piece incorporate sludge, grind, punk, and old fashion metal into their aggressive style effortlessly.


  1. Off My Rocker
  2. It’s All Common Sense
  3. Beware The Strikedown
  4. Dumb Motherfucker
  5. Always A Bridesmaid
  6. Here Today…Not Here Tomorrow
  7. My Muzzler’s Keeper
  8. You’re A Snake
  9. More People Should Die
  10. Apocalypse Slush Fund


Rick Gebhardt, Decoy Music

There’s something odd about hearing bits of thrash mixed in with some grind interspersed through a hardcore filter. It’s fast, it’s abrasive, it’s all over the place, and it’s in your face. At times The Muzzler sound like a grind version of Every Time I Die, at other moments they sound like a dirtier Dillinger Escape Plan, and then you get some hints of the band sounding like a competent version of The Chariot. I can’t say whether or not I like Common Sense, but I can tell you that I do feel used and abused after listening all the way through… which may be exactly what they wanted. (Read Here)

Stino, Control All Delete:

The Muzzler is some kind of crossover thrash/punk/core/whatever band, nothing furry about that. “Another crossover thrashcore band?” I hear you think. Well, not really. It’s not the 667th “old school thrash” band that happens to sound quite a lot like a hardcore/punk band as well. The Muzzler isn’t a copy of any band, to be honest. They take the best ingredients of (thrash)metal, hardcore/punk and grindcore, add some melody, mosh parts and circle pit fun and come out with a very cool mix. It’s hard to compare them with other bands, because well… it’s quite original. The 10 songs on “Common Sense” keep me interested from start to finish, not a dull moment in this CD and with my attention span being as short as Danny Filth that’s quite the achievement! Definitely a nice CD and I wouldn’t mind hearing more of these lads! Cool tunes! (Read Here)


This is music for kids who grew up on 80s thrash and/or 90s powerviolence. To me, they kind of sound like a cross between old-school shredders like Terrorizer or Kreator (in their earlier years) and the slightly more crusty hardcore of bands like Capitalist Casualties. The lyrics run the gamut from “angry stuff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Forced Entry album” to “goofy stuff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Forced Entry album.” That’s not necessarily a bad thing, either. The whole thing has kind of a fun, headbanging, throwback vibe which really appeals to the terminal adolescent in me. Definitely an album to throw up the horns to. (Read Here)

Roctober Magazine:

Sounds like a recording of the brutalest band you know being put through a woodchipper, played back at hyperspeed. (Read Here)

Mladen Škot, Maelstrom:

It’s not a good sign when hardcore thrashing and vocals start simultaneously at the very beginning of an album. Even worse when the annoying monotonous “brutal” vocals and the same overall tempo continue for who knows how many songs. (Read Here)