The Brokedowns – Six Song

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Six songs recorded between 2006’s These Colors Don’t Run (The Musical) and 2007’s New Brains For E’rbody. Includes a cover of V.Reverse’s “Clinical Rock,” UK smash “Git’r’dunification,” and what Kris describes as a Fat Wreck aesthetic. Whatever. Dan does, in fact, have powers.


  1. The Best Of Lee Greenwood
  2. Asshole Jacket
  3. Git’r’dunification
  4. Dan Has Powers
  5. Clinical Rock
  6. The Brah Of Iran


Daryl Gussin, Razorcake :

I wish I personally knew the guys in the Brokedowns so I could say, “Hey bro, don’t break my heart in 2008 like Witches With Dicks did in 2007. Fucking stay together.” Heavier and bolder with less harmony but more girth than WWD, The Brokedowns rock that melodic aggression (see: Midwestern Songs… [duh]) that can have you nodding your head to the verses and then, as soon as the chorus comes, pump the fist. Six Songs isn’t enough. More please. (Read here)

Henry Mayer, Space City Rock:

Some people have compared the band to Jawbreaker, which isn’t exactly right but is nevertheless a sign of how good this band is. It’s impressive that the Brokedowns’ songs here are better than the cover, a V. Reverse song called “Clinical Rock.” They’ve surpassed their own inspirations, which should make them feel good. (Read Here)

Sousa, The New Scheme:

These six songs were recorded between the band’s two full lengths in 2006, but never saw the light of day until now. Their use of audio clips and samples is Dillinger Four-esque, as are tracks like “Dan has Powers,” blending a personal anecdote with political subtexts and a shout-along chorus. They throw down a cover of V Reverse’s :Clinical Rock: and it’s almost to the T of the original. A comment on commercial music’s bland “formula pop,” a commentary not sorely lacking, but The Brokedowns do it fast-paced justice. “The Brah of Iran” introduction is thirty-five seconds of bird chirps, briefly soothing you before the band bursts in with off-time, mid-tempo anger seemingly directed at Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. All in all The Brokedown play it straight with fist-pumping Midwestern beer drinking anthems. Cop it. (Read Here)

Matthew Kalogerakis, DOA:

Over the course of these fairly predictable six songs, the band blasts through every note with little regard for the things that have made their influences so great. Sure, the blazing verse of “Asshole Jacket” displays a talent for writing some pretty serious riffs, but the muddled playing and lack of melody in the chorus pretty much erases all the good vibes there. “Git’r’dunification” has a similar problem, when the momentum of the catchy Fugazi-eque front half of the song gets roadblocked by a slowed down second verse. (Read Here)