The Brokedowns/Sass Dragons

The Brokedowns - Sass Dragons$6.00
Split 7″ vinyl with lyrics insert. Comes with free MP3 download code. Price includes shipping! (CDMC-11)

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Three songs by both bands. One cover song by both bands. Millions of brain cells were killed in the making of this record. A split release with our bro label Let’s Pretend Records.

Side A (The Brokedowns):

  1. Who Let The Dicks Out?
  2. Viking Birthday Party
  3. Full On Idle

Side B (Sass Dragons):

  1. Bury My Shell At Wounded Knee
  2. Don’t Swear To God, Swear To Me
  3. Andre Young


Todd Taylor, Razorcake:

Try this out on a new person or a jaded fuck with easy-to-push buttons. “Dude, have you heard that Black Flag/Dwarves split 7”? Then put this on without letting them see the label or cover. If any eyebrows of incredulity are raised, go, “From ’84. They were playing that Slip It In bullshit and decided to stop wanking around for a couple of songs. The Dwarves were just starting out. Super rare.” If that still doesn’t work, go, “Oh, it was members of Youth Of Today when they lost their edge. The non-Buddhist dudes who didn’t go into Shelter.” But what it really is, is just two great Chicago bands losing their shit in the best possible way, and one of them throws in a Breeders cover that’s mangled like a slow possum on an unrelenting freeway with its dead, popping eye following your every movement. (Read Here)

Loren Green, Gimme Noise:

The Brokedowns sound like their influences, but not in a derivative way. There are poppy song structures and gritty, catchy choruses reminiscent of D4 (not to mention the song titles), but there’s also an angrier, noisier edge to the band. While most punk bands favor vocal tradeoffs, the Brokedowns will frequently have three members screaming in unison. Sometimes the band is harmonizing, but mostly they vent their anger en masse. What it creates is a resolute, communal feeling. Even if the content is depressing, there is something uplifting through the in-it-together vocal expression. All three songs are good, but “Viking Birthday Party” stands out among the band’s best. “Full on Idle” is a Breeders cover — though without the liner notes, I wouldn’t have known… While the Brokedowns are straightforward, Sass Dragons bring more style to the record. Musically, they owe a lot to the early glam rockers, utilizing the sleaze without the superficiality. And, of course, they speed it way up and add in a touch of early 80s punk attitude. (Read Here)