“Richardson” Richardson/Gonzo Violence

$ Free/Donation
Digital download only. (CDMC-31)

About 60 miles out of Chicago, DeKalb’s music scene is thriving under the radar. Home to Charles Bronson and the musical subgenre dubbed “powerviolence”, DeKalb consistently churns out new, original acts unmolested by the expectations and pretense of urban living. Among a sea of college kids, transients, and drunks, DeKalb’s most original (and best) one man grindcore act Gonzo Violence and butt-rock pioneers “Richardson” Richardson have released a split cassette tape.

Things you can expect from this split:

  • Gonzo’s drum machine hits faster than anything you’ve ever heard
  • At least one song about both Pokemon and pro wrestling
  • Two songs about drugs
  • A vague feeling of satisfaction
  • It was recorded to raise beer money for tour, which was mostly spent on cases of Black Label/Chinese buffets in MPLS.


  1. My Drug Dealer (“Richardson” Richardson)
  2. Pokemon Song (“Richardson” Richardson)
  3. Rise & Fall (Of The Spanish Announce Table) (“Richardson” Richardson)
  4. Drug Addiction (Gonzo Violence)
  5. Scars (Gonzo Violence)
  6. Feed Me A Belief (Gonzo Violence)