Johnny Bodacious And The Bad Attitudes – From Here To Outer Space

Johnny Bodacious And The Bad Attitudes - From Here To Outer Space$8.00
CD in plastic jewel case. Price includes shipping! (CDMC-8)
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JBBA, Wonder Lake, Illinois’ best punk rock band… ever. This CD compiles their first two self-released records. Re-recorded with six previously unreleased, newer songs. Rad shit. Brian loves WOW. John loves anime. Evan loves beer. Jon loves playing drums.


  1. Bring On The Basement
  2. They’ll Hear Us
  3. Bear At Heart
  4. Nite Lite Lies
  5. Beardo
  6. You Could Do Better
  7. Swashbuckling
  8. Dance Like No One’s Watching
  9. Got To Spray Just To Make It Today
  10. Face It Fabio (It’s Not Butter)
  11. God Grades On The Cross, Not The Curve
  12. She Won’t Stop
  13. DJ Prop Boy
  14. Slap In The Face
  15. Why Do I Always Have To Sweep?
  16. Unleash The K-Dogg
  17. Eyesore


Joe Evans III, Razorcake:

I really had no idea what to expect upon seeing this for the first time, but upon listening it kind of made me think of what it would sound like if Delay were more into metal than Green Day, in that it’s fairly youthful and energetic sounding, with a touch more technical(-ish) parts in the songs. (I actually would’ve said “later-era Propaghandi” instead of metal, but the songs don’t strike me as being political, at least not to any “The public transit systems are a racist bullshit institution” levels [yeah, that’s about as best I can do there.]) It plays a little weird since it’s apparently a collection of some old stuff and new stuff, but it’s not bad, and I’d be interested in hearing more down the line. (Read Here)