Hot Garbage – Gut Rot

$ Free/Donation
Digital download only. (CDMC-25)

Anxiety builds in this eight track unintentional homage to Nintendo boss fight music. I defy you to listen to “Lethargy” and tell me you can’t envision an 8-Bit avatar wearing your thumbs raw and narrowly averting the many attacks of a massive and seemingly insurmountable foe. That, and it’s got a calamitous pang of throwing all the dirty dishes into the kitchen sink at once thing going on (see “Sensory Deprivation Tank”) But there’s something subtle and sinister at work here, too. The rhythm of eyes darting, the beat of hearts palpitating, the tone of palms sweating, all filtered through the metronomic click of automatic car door locks and hum of electronic windows rolling up. Mechanical cruelty melding with organic frailty. It’s enjoyably disorienting and it’s what Hot Garbage does best. Download it and don’t be afraid to donate a few bucks.


  1. Lethargy
  2. Drug Show
  3. Just Pour It In My Beard
  4. Living Hard Will Take Its Toll
  5. Ejected From The Passenger Seat
  6. Sensory Deprivation Tank
  7. Who Broke The Bang Boxxx (redux)
  8. Health Problems