Elephant Gun – Kid Scissors

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12″ 180 gram vinyl LP with insert. Comes with free MP3 download code, which includes free bonus track not on vinyl. Price includes shipping! (CDMC-28)
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$8.00 – CD
CD in sleeve. Price includes shipping! (CDMC-28)
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Man, we were all set to make all kinds of weed jokes and snotty digs at Elephant Gun‘s 39 members but Kid Scissors just blew it for us. I mean, to bullshit about that sort of thing when a record is this artfully crafted seems like a waste of time. Sure, they tried to warn us with The City Wins single but we thought if we buckled down and really focused we could still crank out some dynamite bong and boner one-liners. But after sitting down with these carefully orchestrated songs we knew it was hopeless. The tracks just wrung the snide sarcasm right out of us. Kid Scissors still possesses Elephant Gun’s punk tempered Americana, but these Americans sound like they’re trotting around the globe at a Griswold pace, juggling world influences like salsa, gypsy, and chamber music before taking it all home to the sun bleached steps of your own front porch.


  1. Lightning Bugs
  2. My Backyard
  3. Go & Leave
  4. The City Wins
  5. Coolest Dudes
  6. Sugarcane
  7. Where have you Bendorf (All of My Life)?
  8. Cheap Heat
  9. Waltz #3
  10. Sand Naps
  11. You Were A Bore
  12. Ceiling
  13. Off (LP MP3 download only)