DrManhattan – Jam Dreams

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DrManhattan’s sophomore release. Hyperactive, lovingly spastic party-punk is still the easiest way to sum up the Wauconda, IL-based quintet’s music. Jam Dreams is still heavy on the fun, caked in the free-spirited strangeness the band is known to embrace and revel in. It’s just they’ve matured a bit, or rather they’ve brought a more diverse and sophisticated array of ingredients to the food fight.


  1. Electraumatized
  2. Texas
  3. After All
  4. Mailman
  5. I’m High
  6. Cowgirl
  7. Misses Steward
  8. Biscuits And Groovy
  9. Listen Up
  10. Man With A Woman’s Chest
  11. Hard Time
  12. Camping Ground


Already Reviewed:

With Jam Dreams, they’ve come much closer to reproducing their inherent silliness and awesomeness so present in a live setting, and that’s a rare thing these days. Usually the goal is to make the live show live up to the over-produced, multi-layered, auto-tuned monstrosities of the scene’s most recent releases. Not for Dr Manhattan. It’s all about making some Jam Dreams come true. (Read Here)

gspinn, Punk News:

Dr. Manhattan does it better the second time around with catchier songs, louder screams and wittier lyrics. I don’t care if you buy it, steal it, beg or borrow it. You need this record in yours hands (or some equivilant). Dr. Manhattan is on the right path. (Read Here)