Damp Hay – Middlewestern

$ Free/Donation
Digital download only. (CDMC-21)

Like an AD/HD kid, it’s pretty hard to make Damp Hay sit still and put out a record. Their short attention span coupled with an intense musicianship typically resulted in them dismissing a chunk of rad songs before even getting to the recording process. We here at CDMC poked, prodded, and begged them to commit to a digital EP and we’re certainly glad they did, because the six tracks of Middlewestern are the bee’s tits. Heavy, but not heavy handed. Intricate, but not complicated. Heartfelt, but not cheesy. Dare we say, feel good rock jams? We dare. Download it. Donate if you think it’s worth it.


  1. Lil Fishes
  2. Blue/Red
  3. Shoot The Moon
  4. White Flags
  5. The Dullest Razor
  6. Junkietrust