BUST! – Suck Kuts

BUST! - Suck Kuts$11.00
10″ white vinyl LP with lyrics insert. Comes with free MP3 download code. Price includes shipping! (CDMC-22)
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Fuck City was a really good record. We sat around listening to it forever, trying to decipher the words. But Suck Kuts is a lot better. Not to sound like a dick, but Suck Kuts makes Fuck City go from an 8/10 to a 6/10. Singer/songwriter Kyle got new glasses and hates his job and life a lot more, and now we get to enjoy hearing about it. Like any punk band’s sophomore release should be, Suck Kuts is smarter, tighter, faster, better and will get the band nowhere. They had it coming spelling Kuts the way they did. They meaning Kyle.

Side A:

  1. The Whinery (Merlot Blow)
  2. Who Wants To Fuck Bill Rogers?
  3. Pear At Heart
  4. High On Life, Drunk Off Mouthwash
  5. Push Ups

Side B:

  1. That Don’t Impressuh Me Much
  2. Talk Nerdy To Me
  3. First Bench
  4. Unsmooth Moments
  5. Sascrotch


Todd Wolenski, Frankenstein Sound System

Fast, furious hardcore punk rawk with Dillinger 4 type hooks, a singer with a yell I can see and music matching the intensity. I really dig these guys. “Suck Kuts” in title only… But yeah in all that I listen to on a daily basis, Bust! stood out and made me take note. (Read Here)

Matt Jennings, Uncle Critic

The album starts, ramps up and doesn’t let go until it’s done with you. You can get this on a 10″ record, and it’s a lot of sound packed into that ten inches of vinyl, the band has a full sound almost like you’re there and the vocals are plenty turned up to hear… The album cover is another issue entirely, it basically creeps me out, and I’m not sure why. (Read Here)

Eliot, Stereokiller:

This is what it is, fast punk rock with hooks and catchiness that will keep you bobbing your head along while Kyle the frontman/guitarist rasps on about a cynical world and how everyone is an up tight asshole. Suck Kuts is ten tracks that move fast, no, really fast. All ten tracks clock in a total of 17 minutes, and good time. (Read Here)

Jerene-Elise Nall, Northern Star:

Because Bust! tightened things up a little, the uncomplicated combination of guitar, drums and a little bass balances wonderfully on this album. The vocals sound nice as well– at least, they sound as nice as they can. Bust’s vocals are notoriously harsh, but they’re harsh in the energetic, driving way that punk vocals should be. (Read Here)