BUST!/Heart Shaped Hate

BUST!/Heart Shaped HateOUT OF STOCK
Split CD in hand-screen printed envelope with insert. Price includes shipping! (CDMC-23)

Both these bands got way pissier and mean and all Eeyore about stuff.  In terms of progression, they aren’t re-inventing their wheels or anything, but Heart Shaped Hate’s songs are doomier and more technical, while BUST!’s songs sound like they were written by an actual adult. Way to go! This is a split release with Underground Government/Recess Japan.


  1. Whaaaahhhhaaaappppon? (BUST!)
  2. The Bassline to “Eruption” (BUST!)
  3. Have Love, Will Travel (BUST!)
  4. Princess Shredder (Heart Shaped Hate)
  5. Boy Leech (Heart Shaped Hate)
  6. JonBenet.gif (Heart Shaped Hate)


Jerene-Elise Nall, Northern Star:

This split is short, sweet, and very worth 12 minutes and 55 seconds of your time. It absolutely thrashes, wastes no time and is filled with energy, personality, and talent. Both bands do the local scene very proud and make for a fast-paced combination on this one. You’ll be stomping around and screaming along for sure. (Read Here)