BUST! – Fuck It

$ Free/Donation
Digital download only. (CDMC-29)

Are you stroking me? It’s getting harder and harder to like a band nowadays. They’re all on the verge of breaking up any second and when they finally get their ramshackle shit together long enough to release some music, they put out a download only release clocking in at just under thirteen minutes. Oh, it’s like that? Man, it would be easy to dismiss this shit if it wasn’t so fucking good but talking about it would probably just piss the boys off. All I can say is, Kyle, you’re a tease.


  1. Amen At Work
  2. Viking
  3. Jin & Juice
  4. Scarf Face
  5. Need 4 Sleep
  6. Jon’s
  7. Tighten Your Tie
  8. Fuck It