A Busy Week For Elephant Gun

After spending last weekend holed-up recording in McHenry-land and icing each other in the wee hours of the morning, Elephant Gun is being as productive as any Cassette Deck band ususally isn’t.

– VEOBA wrote up an article/interview on the gypsy jerks. Thanks for the shout-out, Jare Bear.

Fearless Radio will host Elephant Gun tonight at 6PM and they will apparently be playing two or three songs. How on earth will they all fit in there? With their instruments? Will it just be a crowded, on-air clam bake?

– Finally, the Gun will be playing at Subterranean in Chicago (after a four month, dare I say… hibernation) tomorrow, October 14th. Starts at 7PM and admission is 17+, alongside Dastardly and Chaperone. Come on! Hear them new songs!!!

Chica X Puts Her First Record Up For Free Download

Chica X, East Moline, IL’s own rap/pop superstar, has graciously put her first album, Ages 6-7, on the internets for FREE download at the Nitetrotter blog. Baby girl was spittin’ these 20 tracks of hot fire in the first and second grade, can you believe it? Now she’s in the double digits. 10 years old, with a heck of a mouth!

Shows This Week – 10/6 & 10/7

Elephant Gun will be playing at The House in Dekalb, IL with Unicycle Loves You. 8 PM sharp and all ages. Rumor has it they’ll be playing new jams… Details here.

The Muzzler will be playing Reggie’s I think? Is this still happening?

The Brokedowns will be playing a super fancy $17 show at The Metro as part of Riot Fest. With Propagandhi, Cobra Skulls, The Copyrights, Vultures United and Brendan Kelly. Wow! Starts at 7 PM, and it’s totally 18+.

The Brokedowns and Vacation Bible School at The Fest 9

The Brokedowns and Vacation Bible School will both be at The Fest in Gainesville, FL again on October 30, 2010. Sounds sweaty. Schedule is now up at www.thefestfl.com.

“Suck Kuts” Now In The Shop

BUST!’s “Suck Kuts” is now up for your ordering pleasure and will start shipping immediately! As you can see from the high-quality cell phone photo, it’s a real looker. The white vinyl is as pure and glistening as Vito’s soul. You also have a 1 in 500th chance in finding Matt Skiba’s cell phone number scribbled inside.

Buy it here!

BUST! Is Releasing “Suck Kuts” On September 25th

BUST! - Suck Kuts
In less than a week, our darlings BUST! will be putting Cassette Deck into deeper debt with a super fancy 10″ full-length called “Suck Kuts.” It’ll be on shiny white vinyl and has Vito’s dashing good looks gracing the cover. Not to be biased or anything, but the songs (and art) are pretty kick ass. Check out “Push Ups” below:

[wpaudio url=”http://cassettedeckmedia.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Push-Ups.mp3″ text=”BUST! – Push Ups”]

BUST! is hijacking The Brokedowns release show this Saturday, cause they’re total jerks like that. This show will be super awesome (duh). Vacation Bible School, The House That Gloria Vanderbilt, and Double Bird are also playing. If you don’t come, Ian will punch you in the dick, or lady dick. Jim Miller-face-rubs for you:

September 25 BUST! Release Show

BUST!/Heart Shaped Hate Tour Northwest US & Japan

After releasing a split CD last weekend, BUST! and Heart Shaped Hate are headin’ west and then headin’ WAYYYYYY West… to JAPAN!

Dates are below. Check their sites for more up to date info.


[gigpress_shows tour=18]

New Drmanhattan Video: “Mailman”

Here’s the official video for Mailman, off of Drmanhattan‘s sophomore album, Jam Dreams. It’s as weird/hilarious as you’d expect.

Cassette Deck Finally Gets It’s E-shit Together

Welp. After two and a half years of begging for band bios, listening to Jim Miller’s 2am ideas (high-deas) on the phone, a few parties and safaris, and general dicking around, we did it. Cassette Deck finally has a functioning website.

I hope we are dawning on a new age here… one without the lazy order fulfillment and non-logged-into email accounts of the past. Gettin’ legit? Maybe. We’ll try for sure, but by now you know how we roll.

Anyway, check out the site. Tell us what you think. Buy some records. Start shit in the forums.

Hopefully there will be some exciting stuff happening in the next few months. No promises.