[wpaudio url=”http://cassettedeckmedia.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/03-you-are-the-whalerus.mp3″ text=”Werewolfs’ – You Are The Whalerus”]

Jeff is in Hot Garbage. Jenna’s in Heart Shaped Hate. Todd’s in Vicelords, The House that Gloria Vanderbilt and Apocalypse Hoboken. Tyler’s in Todd. This obscure collaboration of Cassette Deck artists and cooks sounds a like Owls, Cursive, and 90’s grunge punk. Maybe you have the patience for something like that. If you take big chances, you can own the boy.

Todd Pot – Vocals
Jeff – Guitar
Tyler – Bass
Jenna – Drums

*Photo by Heather Ivanovich


Werewolfs - Sobering Up The Wolfman

Werewolfs - Sobering Up The Wolfman

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