Truman & His Trophy

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Feeling CDMC was severely lacking bands that make illegal downloaders go “Huh?”, the label’s top brass went about the arduous process of wooing Chicago’s very own Truman & His Trophy! Let’s just say pizzas were ordered and pickles were polished and leave it at that. Regardless of what debasing was done behind closed doors, it was all worth it to get the sweat-soaked guitar party that is Truman & His Trophy as the unstoppable engine for this gravy train with biscuit wheels known as Cassette Deck Media Conglomerate! Toot-toot!

Chris Sutter – Guitar/Vocals
Jake Levinson – Guitar
Frank Pocaro – Keyboard/Guitar
Kyle Stembaugh – Bass
Ryan Wizniak – Drums


Truman & His Trophy - Bottom George Pizza Planet

Truman & His Trophy - Bottom George Pizza Planet

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