The Sky We Scrape

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What do The Sky We Scrape sound like? Hmm…is it the sound of compulsively cutting the sleeves off your black band t-shirts come summertime? What about the sound of sleeping in a van with no air conditioning or heat on a long ass drive? How about the sound of your beard getting caught in your zip up hoodie? Or maybe they sound like four drunk and sweaty dudes screaming along to their favorite Small Brown Bike and Converge songs? Yeah, they’ve sounded like all of that before. But you’re asking for some really in depth musical analysis aren’t you? Trying to get down the real nitty gritty here, right? Well, what are you some kind of an asshole? This is on the internet. You can just listen to them right here on this page. We’re not going to do all the work for you. You tell us what they sound like. Jeez. You jerk. Hey, wait…come back. We’re sorry. It’s been a rough day and you know how it is. We shouldn’t have snapped at you. They sound like heavy, emotive, anthemic punk rock. There, are we cool?

Jason – Vocals/Guitar
Steele – Guitar/Vocals
Aaron – Bass/Vocals
Justin – Drums

*Photo by Katie Hovland


Common War/The Sky We Scrape

The Sky We Scrape/Hawkbit - Sound Pet

The Sky We Scrape/Hawkbit - Sound Pets

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