“Richardson” Richardson

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Hey CDMC fans (and we use the word “fan” very liberally here), are you sick of getting challenged by all the nonsensically frenetic noise and genre bending art slop we’ve thrown at you lo these many years? Ready to just rest on your musical laurels, kick back in the Lazy Boy recliner of your own audio comfort zone, and pop on a soothingly familiar tune to tap your toe to? “Richardson” Richardson are here to make that fantasy (among others) a reality. For you see, they believe wholeheartedly in pushing your sensibilities to the dusty brink of oblivion and just when you feel your toes curling around the edge of the Earth they will extend their musical index finger, press it firmly against your chest, and nudge you off terra firma into the void. Maybe your horizons will be broadened. Maybe you’ll go deaf and insane. You want to get nuts? Come on! Let’s get nuts.

Patrick Richardson – Hired Goon, Vocals/Bass
Jason Richardson- The Talent, Bass/Vocals
Anthony Richardson – Whatever, Vocals/Bass
Reggie Richardson- Porn Machine/Drums
EJ Savage- Spirit Animal/Intern


Richardson Richardson/Gonzo Violence

Richardson Richardson/Gonzo Violence

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