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Sometimes modernity will just get you down. Having to survive all the trials and tribulations of die-cast metal toys and Natalie Imbruglia music videos only to reach adulthood and find out you don’t have anything figured out. You still have to hide your weed from your parents and all the femdom or auto-asphyxiation porn on your computer doesn’t make you feel any less closeted or any more sex positive. You’re still that shy, introverted person that likes to read but isn’t that smart and finds a lot of social engagements strangely alluring but ultimately awkward. “But what if I pick up a instrument and pound out my angsty inadequacies in a quasi-aggressive but still very approachable subgenre,” you think. Well, I guess that could work. Let’s ask Hawkbit.

Daniel Schmidt – Guitar
Derek Dietrich-Muller – Guitar
Eric Vanderploeg – Bass
Tony Monero – Drums


The Sky We Scrape/Hawkbit - Sound Pet

The Sky We Scrape/Hawkbit - Sound Pets

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