Gonzo Violence

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Band names can be really deceiving in many ways. By way of a for-instance, take Eagles of Death Metal. They don’t sound like The Eagles or any death metal I’ve ever heard. Now I have just one question: where are the lawsuits? Say I’m really into death metal or by some hideous abomination of fate, a huge Don Henley fan. Imagine this tragic figure shelling out hard earned fliff to purchase the latest Eagles of Death Metal cassingle only to find some cheekily retro sex rock. The fury and legal ramifications would be the likes of which this nation has never seen, I’m sure. Let us all pray this never happens and that bands continue being honest and open about what they’re all about via their nomenclature. Take Gonzo Violence. He delivers on exactly what is expressly promised by their band name in very real and legally binding way. In this litigious society, that’s just the smart thing to do.

Ben “Gonzo” Gonzales


Richardson Richardson/Gonzo Violence

Richardson Richardson/Gonzo Violence

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