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DrManhattan only care about making your party a little wilder. And a little weirder. Throwing power-pop, punk rock, danceable noise and the kitchen sink into everything they do, the boys manage to be as heartfelt and bizarre as the late night diner bashes they’ll demand you come to after their shows. Hyperactive as hell, with a pallet of sounds that range of delicate indie-pop to spazz-core punk. We wonder where they get their drugs. And what drugs those drugs are exactly. Their new record, Jam Dreams is the musical equivalent of a lunchroom food fight. In the best possible way.

Matthew Engers – Vocals, Guitar
Andrew Morrison – Keys, Percussion, Vocals
Adam Engers – Bass, Vocals
Matt Parrish – Drums

*Photo by Geon Tillinghast


Drmanhattan - Jam Dreams

Drmanhattan - Jam Dreams

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