Werewolfs’ Releasing Sobering Up The Wolfman On November 13th

Werewolfs - Sobering Up The Wolfman

Cassette Deck supergroup Werewolfs’ will be releasing their long-awaited, debut album, Sobering Up The Wolfman in a little over two weeks. Despite the incorrect spelling and unnecessary punctuation in their name, Werewolfs’ are a bunch of lovable weirdos and seasoned musicians from a whole bunch of bands and this record is chock-full of gnarly riffage, brutal drummage and wacky Todd Pot lyrics.

[wpaudio url=”http://cassettedeckmedia.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/03-you-are-the-whalerus.mp3″ text=”Werewolfs’ – You Are The Whalerus”]

In celebration, Lucky Gator Loft will be hosting a big ‘ol record release on November 13th. Werewolfs’ will be accompanied by the majestic Sean Shipley (of American Draft fame) on guitar. Bad Drugs, Wide Angles and The Arts Of Life Band will also be playing. The more, the merrier, right? Or should I say “hairier?” (werewolf humor)

Werewolfs’ Record Release
Lucky Gator Loft
3950 West Grand, Chicago IL
Doors at 8 / $7 with CD or $5 / All ages
Official Facebook Invite!

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